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I was bitten by the performing bug early on in my life; I started with lead roles in primary school Christmas productions with the older kids, putting together my own shows of Grease with my friends in the playground, and winning the schools very first talent show in Year 6.

Fast forward to the summer of year 9, just before my GCSE’s, I decided to learn Ukulele. Or, more precisely, my version of the Ukulele which was an old beaten up electric guitar restrung to become an ‘Ukutar’. After playing it every day for six weeks my parents finally gave in and bought me my first real ukulele!

Our school had practice rooms with instruments and my friends used to go in there every day and play ‘Feeling Good’ by Muse on repeat. I really wanted to get into that room and make some music with them so I decided I would learn the piano. After a week of practice, I had the song down and joined in for a jam. The lads were so impressed that I even managed to convince them to do a ukulele version of Sweet Child O’ Mine. This then led to us performing our very first gig as a band at a school award ceremony. After seeing the embarrassing pictures of me rocking out with my Ukulele, I decided it was a must to learn electric guitar so I could rock out for real.

As a band, we started to write our own songs. We went through a handful of singers at the beginning trying to find the right one. In the end, after failing to fill the shoes, I eventually bit the bullet and sang so that we could get out there and gig!

I was a big fan of Muse so there was a lot of falsetto singing going on in my bedroom. My parents got so sick of me “singing like a girl” that my dad built me a shed and soundproofed it with egg boxes. I would pretty much live in that shed for the foreseeable future.

Fast forward a couple of months, the band had also moved into my shed. We had written songs and decided we were ready to do our first proper gig. We auditioned, played, and won a local competition called Youth fest in front of 350 people. From that moment onwards, I knew I didn’t want to do anything else with my life other than music! The summer before I started college where I would study guitar was huge for me. The band had started to get a name for ourselves on the local music scene. We even got a supporting slot for a sold-out Bam Margera and CKY show at the O2 Academy Liverpool in front of 1200 people.

College was a truly great experience for me. It was full of rock guitarists and I fell in love with the genre even more. There was one guy in particular who sang rock and sang rock WELL! He made it seem so effortless and he was often singing higher than all the girls on the course. This then gave me the motivation to learn how to sing ‘properly’. I stopped playing guitar on the course and moved over to singing full time. I would spend hours in the shed every evening singing along to bands like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, White Snake, and Guns n’ Roses. All the while trying to figure out how to hit the high notes without shouting!

The more I sang with the band, the more I improved, and the easier it became.


After applying to study music at University, I started to get into voice science and vocal techniques to work out how to get even better.
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