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Online lessons are a great option where much can be done towards your goals from the comfort of your own home. Zoom is an app that can be downloaded onto any device and is packed with an array of features such as screen sharing, audio sharing, whiteboard, and file sharing. Lessons can be recorded and sent to you via email automatically after the session. 

What will I need?


  1. You will need a device such as a laptop, tablet, computer, or smartphone, that has both a camera microphone.

  2. An internet connection.

Before your first Zoom lesson - technical tips


  1. Sign up to Zoom with your email address and make a password

  2. Download Zoom on your device. It can be a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Click here to download: 

  3. Open Zoom, and sign in. Test your camera on your device by clicking “new meeting” in the orange box.

  4. Zoom will then launch the camera on your device. A box will pop up. Click the blue highlighted text that says “join with computer audio”. You can check the box at the bottom that says “Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting”. 

  5. You should now be able to see yourself on the camera! Check the angle of the camera on your device, so that you are visible in the frame.

  6. Next, test your Speaker & Microphone. You can find this by clicking the small upwards white arrow next to the Mute button in the bottom left-hand corner of your Zoom window. Next, click “Test Speaker & Microphone” and follow the given instructions.


Audio Quality


  1. Click the up arrow next to the microphone, and click “Audio Settings” (Last menu Item)

  2. On the lower right of the window, click “Advanced”

  3. From here, you’ll see options, “suppress persistent background noise” and “suppress intermittent background noise”.

  4. Turn both of these OFF, These filters are designed for talking, not singing; the processors are confused by the sustained notes and overtones which can cause distortion and glitches in the audio.

  5. In the top left corner of your screen, you’ll see “Turn on original sound”. You should turn this ON


Safeguarding advice for parents


  1. Please make sure there’s an adult present when the connection is made.

  2. Pupils must be wearing suitable clothing for the lesson. Normal day to day clothes is fine.

  3. The lesson should take place in a “public” room in the house such as the living room or kitchen, or similar (not the bedroom) 

  4. Please do not use the text chat feature on Zoom or the photo-sharing feature whilst in a lesson with me on Zoom. I will always contact you first on Zoom when it is our agreed lesson date & time so please don’t try to initiate any other meetings with me directly.


General notes


  1. Check your laptop or device has enough battery before we begin the session. 

  2. Make sure you have opened Zoom and have logged in a couple of minutes in advance of our agreed lesson time. Do not click “new meeting” as I will be unable to contact you - I’ll always be the one to initiate the meeting.

  3. Before the first scheduled lesson, check your internet connection works. It might be worth telling others in the house that you are going to be using Zoom for (duration of the lesson), so they can avoid any data-heavy activity for that period. Sitting nearer the router can also help.

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