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Graham’s experience allows him to use a variety of techniques to get the best possible sound from the voice. In the time I have been having lessons with Graham my voice range has extended by an octave and he constantly encourages me to push the boundaries. His ability to listen and tweak methods to enable the right sound to be achieved is astounding. I love the lessons they are fun, relaxed and achieve everything I wanted from singing and more.

Penny Hearn

I have had several singing coaching sessions with him and his knowledge of vocal technique and exercises is extremely effective for helping anyone find their voice. Just ten minutes with him showed me that I could sing, and helped boost my confidence to try harder. I have also worked with Graham performing in professional function bands and in a local community Choir in Chester and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Professional and capable of dealing with a wide variety of clientele, from venue owners to young vocal students. His confidence and ability to deliver results means the people working with him have know that they’re getting what they’re paying for.

Michael Frederiksen, Professional Musician

My daughter has learned so much from working on her singing with Graham, his teaching style is friendly and professional. He had a wealth of musical knowledge and the techniques he has taught my daughter have improved her singing massively.

Kathryn Johnson, Parent

I have been having singing lessons with Graham for several months now and look forward to every one! My singing technique has improved rapidly and I am now singing songs I never thought I would ever be able to sing. I would recommend Graham's lessons to anyone - even if you think you can't sing - Graham can teach you how.

Jane Sarah Bingham

I had a wonderful singing lesson with Graham Fryearson. I think he will be a good teacher for anyone. I am 64 so you are never too old to have a go. Graham is fun and very knowledgeable.

Julie Sheard

I was blown away with the professionalism of Graham Fryearson and how comfortable he made me feel while gently pushing my voice to places I never knew it would go! To get a true vocal expert who has the time and patience for a beginner like me was a great find. It is really comforting to know he is also out there performing and walking the talk. I would not hesitate to recommend Graham, an absolutely amazing teacher!

Eric Marshall, Whitney Music Festival

I first started having singing lessons about 18 months ago with a local singing teacher who had a great deal of experience working on stage and in musical theatre. Initially, my progress was good as the most egregious of my technique errors were corrected. I had lessons with two teachers with different teaching styles but found that after about six months, my progress began to plateau. We would work on a song for several weeks before losing enthusiasm for it and switching to something else, and I didn’t feel like I ever fully perfected a song. After the initial increase in range and improvement in my vocal tone and control, I stopped seeing improvements and began to feel despondent about singing, as all the songs I wanted to learn were beyond my ability, my range, and my vocal endurance. I was lucky to have the opportunity to have a lesson with him, and in that first lesson, he immediately forced me outside of my comfort zone with exercises and techniques I hadn’t seen before. In that hour session, he had me working far above what I previously thought was the limit of my range and began setting the foundation of techniques and knowledge that would change my relationship with singing. I began to see progress again, and over the subsequent months also began to rediscover my passion for singing. Gray’s knowledge of the intricacies of the voice and singing technique has completely changed my approach and I have developed a great deal thanks to his instruction. His knowledge of vocal pedagogy is vast, and his delivery of the information not only helps with understanding different aspects of vocal sound production, but his passion also ignites an academic interest in these topics. I now have a new excitement for practicing between lessons as I can actually hear differences in my singing voice and I feel like I have a better understanding of what I’m doing and why (rather than doing endless drills and exercises that seemed to have very little impact). As a result, I have been able to more directly link technique with underlying processes, and I feel like I have begun to understand my instrument and truly connect my body and voice into a cohesive whole. I can’t recommend Gray enough and I feel very fortunate that I came across such a fantastic teacher right when my enthusiasm for singing had become impeded by a frustrating lack of progress working with others.

Richard Baker

Honestly cannot recommend Graham enough!
Dolly loves her lessons with Graham and has come on so much already!

Cally-Ann Doolan, Parent

To Graham
Thank you for being a great singing teacher!
From Fran xxxx

Fran, Young Student

Very good teacher, very confident and friendly definitely carrying on lessons

Mollie Fielder-Scott

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